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Sports Betting
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Introduction / Rules
The sports pool works as a pool, so all the money bet goes into a pool which is divided amongst the winners. If outcome "A" has 150 bet on it, and outcome "B" has 250 bet on it there is 400 in the pool. If outcome "A" wins, and you had put the entire 150 in, you would win the entire 400. If you had bet 50 of the 150 you would get back 50 / 150 x 400. Or a 3rd of the pot, as you had placed a 3rd of the bet on the winning outcome.

Payout on the event is always 100% of the pot, divided amongst the winners based on the portion they put in, so there are no fixed odds or odds entered. So if no one bets on the loosing outcome, return is exactly what you put in. On the otherside if someone bets 1 on the winning outcome, and others had put a total of 5000 on the losing outcome, betting 1 gives you a 5001 return.
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